10 Reasons Why Every Bitch Should Have A Blog

I wanted a blog before a blog even existed and I didn’t even know it.  Then, when blogs started, back in the early 90s, I knew it would be perfect for me, but never started one.  Then I forgot about them all together.  Next thing you know, they became a whole new thing.  A few years ago, I started a blog called Eff You Society that did really well in my own head, but it didn’t actually didn’t do a damned thing according to blogging and what it is today.  Why?  Because I had a lot to learn.

… and boy, have I learned a lot and you know what?  I think it’s all bullshit.  Why can’t a blog be what it was when blogging first began?  When it first began, it was simply an online journal.  You could write about whatever you wanted, there were no real expectations, and people read.  If you ask me, tons of people in the world need a space to write without any expectations.

I actually think every bitch should have a blog.  Here are 10 reasons why:

10. It’s Productive

Actively putting your thoughts into words and structuring it in such a way that people can get your point is an achievement and when it is something you do on a regular basis, it becomes something you can say you did.  Whether it took you 20 minutes or an hour of your personal time, you were productive.  Productive women are very attractive.

9. It Adds Value To Your Life

Take your pick – would you rather spend an hour of your life playing Candy Crush Soda Saga or do you want to spend an hour creating something that may be able to help someone?  Do you want to spend an hour of your life talking on the phone or do you want to spend an hour making something that you have the potential to see a return on down the line?  Do you want to spend an hour on FaceBook or an hour doing blogging activities that will help build your blogging network?  Not to mention, being able to say that you write or that you are a blogger adds value to your life, albeit to the person you are.  It says that you are doing something with your spare time that has value.  Women who recognize time is valuable land better partners. 

8. Help Others

Aye!  My father once told me, as I was telling him how fucked up society is, that I was society.  To this day, that was one of the most profound things he left me with.  Why?  Well, I took it to mean that I am not alone.  It manifested in my brain as “everything I go through, everyone else is going through it too.”  It’s crazy, because most often, this is the case.  For some reason, it is natural to think that no one is going through what we are going through, when in all actuality, that is simply not the case.  It’s more like when we are going through something, not only is everyone else going through it too, if they aren’t they’ve been through it already are they are about to go through it be it soon or in the future.

For that reason, if you blog about a problem you are having, more than likely (and that I can guarantee) you will find people who are going through the same thing, people who know someone who went through or currently going through the same thing, and people who are interested to know what people go through.  In that, you most definitely will find what you are looking for.  You may be writing to get some feedback or you may be writing to discuss how you solved your problem or got through your situation.  Either way, you are in a position to bring something into a new perspective for someone else which sometimes is the greatest help you can give.  **Aye!!!  If you didn’t know, cognitive therapists get paid top dollar to bring people into a new perspective … that is actually their job – to change how someone is thinking about an issue.**  Women who can unpack a problem are super sexy. 

7. People Want to Know

Not everyone reads, but those that do are voracious.  Also, people who blog are very interested in what you have to say.  How do you manage?  What does a day in your life look like?  And the more drama the better!  Where did you find your boots?  Oh, you couldn’t afford any boots?  Tell us about it.  How are you gonna get a pair?  Where are you going to shop?  Oh!  Your kid is bad and they did what?  And you did what?  Oh, it worked?  Do you know how many mom’s want to hear about what you are going through with your kid?  As a matter of fact, if you can blog about what you are going through with your terrible 2, who is going on 3, who knows how to use “no” and “shit” at the right time you’d be sitting on a gold mine.  Oh?  Your kid is an adolescent?  GOLD MINE!!!  Your single because your ex cheated on you?  FUCKING GOLD MINE!!!  **For the record, I got cheated on years ago and I still haven’t gotten my mojo back … we’ll talk about it.**  Women who can articulate life experiences make better choices. 

6. Everyone Needs Support

The blogging community is one of the most supportive communities online today.  Granted, in order to get your blog out there, you are going to have to do a little promoting, but with the right tags and stuff, people will find you.  Also, outside of promoting, you have to go at blogging with a karmatic spirit.  Meaning, you have to read what others are saying and interact with the blogs posts of others.  Once you do these things, you are in for a treat.

Bloggers love to read and comment.  Why?  Because they want others to read their work and comment on their work.  As long as you are putting out, you will definitely get back.  Being that people want others to really read and thoughtfully comment on their work, guess what?  They will really read and post thoughtful comments on your work in return.  After a while, once your followers and subscribers are up, eventually you will pick up followers along the way just because your blog is active.

It’s the support that will keep you blogging.  The longer you blog the better life will be.  Women who have support are very strong and highly favored; they tend to get treated very well. 

5. Boost Your Confidence

With support, followers, and subscribers comes a boost in confidence.  Think about all of the snobs you come in contact with and you are looking at them like, “Wait, why are you a snob?  You look a hot mess; not like someone in a bracket to be snobby.”  Okay!!!  You just came in contact with someone who has a huge social media following.  Someone who’s ratio between followers and following is very high in their favor – meaning much more followers than following.

In 2016, although it’s been gaining momentum for quite some time, how many followers you have and how many likes or ReTweets you get makes you who you are.  The more followers and ReTweets, the better you think you are.  This actually is a thorn in my side because I work in retail and I wonder all of the time, “Why is this person acting like this, who the fuck do they think they are?”  This thought kept coming until I recognized the behavior as a trend and the only logical conclusion left was it was their social media activities.

Now, it’s all stupid if you ask me.  But since I believe that your social media activities can boost your confidence and your self esteem let me ask – would you rather have the affections of people who look at pictures all day like this is kindergarten or would you rather have the support and network of people who read and write?  I mean, think about it?  If a social network following has the ability to boost confidence and self esteem, which network holds more value: an instagram following or a following on WordPress?  Women who are respected by respectable people are definitely a catch. 

4. Feed Your Brain

You do not have to be smart to write but the more you write the smarter you will get.  You have to write in order to keep a blog, so as logic goes, the more you blog, the smarter you will get as it is.  However, blogging is a whole beast in itself, that will make you smarter.  So, if we continue to follow logic, you have an opportunity to get double smart over the course of keeping an active blog.  Why?  Because blogging is easy according to the type time I am on with a blog straight from 1993, but in this day and age, there is a lot to learn.

Even if you never figure out how to structure or focus a blog, you will learn how to promote it and what works.  You will learn what you want and how to target your audience.  You will learn new ways to say things.  You will learn how to use tags in order to get more views and you will learn about views and keeping people on your page.  These things you will learn from the moment you press publish on your first post.  Women who continue to learn offer great conversations.

3. Writing is Fun

First of all, writing is an art form.  Who the heck doesn’t want to be an artist?  Who the heck doesn’t want to create?  Do not look at what I have written and think in your head, “Sheesh, I can’t write like that!”  Fucking good … do not write like me and do not, under any circumstances think for one second that my writing is better than yours.  I hate my writing deep down inside … the people I want to read my writing never do.  The audience that I want to target really isn’t interested in my writing style.  I don’t have any pictures, I talk about stuff they don’t really care to read about, and on the rare occasions I come up with something I know they want to know about, I am just too wordy.

It doesn’t stop me, though because I love to write.  I love to put words together to share an idea or even better a whole entire story.  I love writing about life experience and then reading it to see how I’ve created an entire picture or snapshot.  It feels really really good and it is fun.  I love words, I love to communicate and writing is an awesome thing for me.  It could be an awesome thing for everyone if they would let their guards down.  You could have a blog of your poems, you can become a poet.  You could have a blog of anything.  Tumblr for example is a very easy blog because you can post pictures.  Also, the Tumblr community absolutely loves a sad story.

Writing is super fun if you allow it to be.  Women who write can tell express how they feel. 

2. Writing is Therapeutic

On this list, for the sake of my audience, this is number 2 on the list.  I have to be honest – in my heart, this actually has the number 1 spot.  I write because it makes me feel better.  I never have to sell my writing, I never looked to get paid for my writing, and I don’t care if I never do.  Writing is something I have no problem doing for free.  I would write someone’s book for weed, lunch, and company every single day.  I would write another persons book if they paid my rent.  What I mean is, money would never have to touch my hands.  If someone would take care of me while I wrote their book, I would do just that.  If I could give everything up to write, I would.

Writing is free and it can literally change your life.  It feels sooooooo good.  Think about when you meet someone and you notice you are falling in love.  You don’t see yourself frantically searching for a pen and a paper to write a love letter?  Or you don’t see yourself emailing or sending a lengthy text message about your feelings for your new lover?  Why, because when you have an overload of feelings, no matter what they are, they need an outlet.  Writing will stop you from killing someone, from slapping someone across the face, from hurting your own self.

Writing is therapeutic when no one is going to read it.  It’s heightened by that share button though when you blog.  Everyone has a story and everyone who has a story thinks it’s crazy and other people should hear it.  For that reason, knowing you can discuss some ole bull shit that happened to you and you won’t be alone because you can share it with the rest of the world is liberating.  Liberated women are fierce. 


You see why I put this at the number one spot.  I removed myself and my own personal interests and I saved this for the number one reason every bitch should have a blog.

Blogging is a very nice and easy way to supplement your income.  In 2016, although it has been this way for quite some time, blogging is all about making money.  Whenever you read a post that has to do with making money online, blogging will be up there.  As a matter of fact, you can’t even talk about making money online without talking about the importance of blogging.

People go to blogs to learn and experience things.  When people find blogs that they trust, they are more inclined to make purchases or follow recommendations.  Now you see this happening on instagram.  It’s already happened on FaceBook, but for example, I am following one of the sisters from The Twerk Team.  Today, she posted a bathing suit and a few other items and she was talking about the site she got them from.  Her instagram following, of course, is outrageous.  A follower commented, “Please, boo, don’t start promoting.”  I’ve been following her for over a year, but I have seen this happen before.  Designers are looking to get sales, so they find a celebrity – an A list one, a B list one, or a local one, it doesn’t matter.  They give them something to wear in exchange for a promotion on their social networks.

Selling through your social networks is all the rave for businesses right now.  However, blogging has been like this for over a decade.  Ideally, your blog is supposed to have a focus and then you can review different products.  If someone buys you receive a commission.  There are at least 3 ways to make money blogging and we will talk about those down the line.

However, if you ever want to create a residual income or supplemental income, you need to start building your blog and learning the ropes.  The main rope to learn is to be consistent.  That is harder than every blog related task you will come to execute.  Blogging on a regular basis takes a lot of dedication.  However, the more dedicated you are, the quicker you will be in a position to monetize your blog.  It takes some time generating money from a blog, but I promise, so long as you are not in it only for the money, you will have a great time getting there.  Women who know hustle are keepers. 

What is or has been keeping you from starting a blog?  Do you think you don’t have anything to talk about?  Uh, this is my first post on this blog and I am still unsure of what else there will be to come, but I am not letting that stop me.  A woman has to start somewhere, right?  Women who know how to make something out of nothing will be around for the long haul. 


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