My New Old Cannon RebelXT: A New Hobby

If I speak in elementary terms, it is only because I am fresh off the boat. 

While I am seeing an insurgence of people walking around with really fancy dslrs, the fact of the matter is a lot of people who have an eye for photography rely on their smart phone’s camera.

Call me old school, but I never got into taking pictures with my phone and calling myself an amateur photographer.  Not that camera phones aren’t real, I think people are jaded as to what they are capable of.

Now, that iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy have really pushed the bar on smart phone cameras.  Honestly, you can capture some great shots and memories on those devices.  However, let this noob tell you, because if I don’t know anything else, I know this and real life successful photographers will agree – If you capture an amazing photo on your smart phone it would have been 20x more amazing had you captured it on a dslr.

These are a few of my favorite shots from today from before I left the house for my first shoot ever … (I knew, ahead of time, I would probably be my favorite subject).

I purchased this camera yesterday for less than half of what it’s worth on Craigslist, from a newlywed couple.  They’d gotten the camera from a parent who’d been an amateur photographer for years and outgrew this starter.  The parent upgraded to something far more sophisticated with technologies I’ll bet I can’t even pronounce and handed the camera down to the couple with the hopes they’d make good use out of it.  They didn’t take one picture on it.  It has a few scratches and bruises, but for it to be about 10 years old, it’s in great condition.  I told them if in 4 years I make it big (4 years being the amount of time it takes to become an expert at something), I will owe my success(es) to them.

For those of you who don’t know, I come from New York City.  I sure can’t wait to shoot my hometown.  However, I live in the city of Philadelphia, a city that is sure to lend itself to my lens and my perspective.  I have my qualms about Philly, but if you ask anyone who has ever asked me, I always complain about the attitude of Philadelphia natives, never the physical city.  The physical city is beautiful and has a rich history.  Today, I started where the tourist start and I will probably hang there until I grow.

Street photography can be pretty daunting as most people are uncomfortable with strangers taking pictures in their direction.  However, getting shots of strangers and how they interact with the scene around them is priceless and adds a depth to street shots that make the realness of it all so pristine and gritty at the same time.  This is why I chose to start in an area tourist frequent.  For one, there will be plenty of photo opportunities, from The Liberty Bell to the cobble stones leading to Betsy Ross’ house.  Most importantly, though, mostly everyone will have their cameras out so people are less concerned with who’s taking pictures.  In an area full of tourists, if you notice by chance, someone looking like they may be concerned with the picture you are taking, I’ll bet they are only wondering if it is a shot they should take too.  Tourists don’t want to miss a thing and they find inspiration in everything, since of course, in a new city, everything is brand new which is overwhelming.  It’s very easy for tourists to miss shots, so sometimes they will look over to see what someone else is shooting and when the photographer isn’t looking, they’ll steal the shot too from their own perspective.

Soooooo, I probably should have mentioned in the beginning that this post isn’t really about anything.  It’s kind of like a journal entry.  What happened was, I was so excited about 2 of the pictures I took today, I wanted to blog about them.

I took over 100 pictures today.  Out of the 100, I was able to pick 5 I thought were worth something.  Of the 5 I have already shared 3.  I set up an instagram account for my photography and I posted all 5.  The last 2 I posted, the ones I will share here got over 10 likes in less than 20 minutes and I am wondering if I am *like* a natural or something.

I edited all of my pictures using an app I downloaded for my Mac called Fotor.  This is an entry-level photo editor and a photo editor, it turns out is a must have.  At any rate, I am hoping one of my readers will tell me what you think of these 2 pictures.  Getting those likes definitely bought a huge smile to my face.

Also, any tips from a hobbiest or professional would be super appreciated.  Feel free to leave a comment below.  Thanks for reading and follow my page on instagram @sharinganeyephotography to follow my journey.

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