I Love Someone Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

As usual, we were wrapped in a really juicy conversation.  While we were talking, I was getting ready for work which includes running around looking for things I just had, things which always wind up being right under my nose.  I’m running my mouth, she is running her mouth, and I am on auto-pilot gathering my things squeezing in tokes whenever a hand is free to grab the blunt.

In the middle of us talking, I started looking for something.  I could have been looking for my transpass to get on the train, my uniform shirt, or my keys, who knows.  Either way, I forgot what I was looking for and needed a moment to regroup.

“Excuse me,” I interrupted, “uh … something stupid is happening to me at this very moment.  Wow, this shit is crazy!”  I looked around some more while I gave the conversation a moment to transition and then I asked, “Yo!  You ever been looking for something and forget what you were looking for?  That is what’s freaking happening to me right now!”

Her response was absolutely, hands-down, a straight slap into reality.  “Uh … yeah.”  I mean she might as well have said, “Duh, you dumb bitch!”  Like, if any group of people knows about forgetting what they are looking for in the middle of looking for it wouldn’t it be those who’ve been diagnosed with MS?

In my defense, I do not know if it’s because I love her so much or if it’s because we live miles and miles apart.  I do not know if it’s because there was a gap in our friendship or if it’s because I don’t get to see her on a regular basis to see what she is physically going through, but I do know she is as mentally sharp in conversation as she was back in ’03 when we first met.

Even when she is telling me something she is physically going through, it doesn’t matter to me how many years been passed, I still sound as shocked as I did when I found out.  She no longer has full use of her right hand and occasionally she has a limp.  I don’t get to see her physical ailments, I just hear her tell me about them and honestly because talking to her day by day is like talking to the same girl I met in ’03, just older and smoking either more or better weed, I forget.

Multiple Sclerosis is a really debilitating diagnosis.  I learned about it years and years ago when I was in Massage Therapy school.  It has to do with the nervous system.  I was certified over 6 years ago and I never practiced, so you absolutely cannot take my word for this.  Expect to see a well researched post later on down the line.  I mean, I don’t have a degree but I do have college credits and academic writing is something I’ve been trained to do.  I’ll let you know, now … I did NOT want to have any academic writing here on this blog, but what can I say?  This is my best friend.  I’m ’bout to MS advocate up ’round here.  Of course you know the nervous system has to communicate with every part of your body.  Not only does it give everything on and in your body a feeling, it also tells it what to do and when to do it.

Here is where my facts start to get sketchy.  When the nervous system sends a signal, it travels on something called a myalin sheath.  I do not know the name of what that sheath is covering, but if the sheath is not there or if it is damaged in anyway the signal cannot travel.  Whether the sheath is eaten away or scar tissue covers it is what I have to get clarity on and a whole bunch of other things.  Before modern technology, people would be confined to wheelchairs or their beds and Montell Williams was diagnosed with it I believe over a decade ago.

What’s Next?

A post that talks about what to be mindful of when someone has MS, that way you don’t ask if they’ve every forgotten what they were looking for in the middle of looking for it.  Get an understanding of what they are going through and what they went through leading up to the diagnosis.

Besides my best friend, there is another person in my life who has a diagnosis.  I cannot wait to introduce readers to her.  She is in a class of her own.  Between Multiple Sclerosis and *coming soon*, I  want to make sure to have plenty of information for the loved ones of people who are living with these diagnosis’.

A list of resources and ways to help.

Different stories and interactions to help others through experience.

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