I Was Working On A Comedy Routine, But On Second Thought: An Inside Look At Comedians


Why the fuck did I make the decisions I made in life?  Another birthday looms on the horizon like smog.  I remember when my birthday used to twinkle on the horizon like a disco ball.  Now it just hovers there like pollution.  I’ll be 35, I freaking work at a coffee shop where I get sad if I lose an hour because I need that damned $8.00, I’ve been single for 2 years because I got cheated on by someone one who cheated because they got the impression I was a cornball.  Like Kevin Hart I am short, in my head I thought I was gangsta, but I get punked on the low on a regular basis … ummmm, if that isn’t a great foundation for a stand-up comedy routine, I don’t know what is.

So, I started working on a routine.  Friends and acquaintances always tell me I need to go into comedy … not only for my circumstances, but for how I see things, how I react to things, and my take on a wide-range of issues.  I keep people in stitches for my delivery and apparently how I look doesn’t fit anything that comes out of my mouth.  I was going to call the routine, “How’d I Even Get Here, Though?”  I mean, I have a whole concept for this routine.  Now it is a matter of deciding what material I am going to use.

Aside from hearing, from others, comedy is something I should look into, I absolutely love what comedians do.  I like that they can come on stage, talk about their problems and in doing so and by doing so they entertain an audience of people.  It sounds like a damned dream job, if you ask me, because, for right now … where I am at in life, I would love to get in front of an audience, talk about my stupid problems.  Since I love to hear myself talk it would be a bonus to get paid.

So you see?  I’d be a great comedian.  First of all, I can’t even hold it in; I have to tell people who will listen that I cannot believe this is my life!  I really can’t.  Some days when a customer does something really dumb, in my head *I be like* ‘What the fuck am I even doing here,’ and I can’t even get mad, I can only laugh.  I need to talk about my perspective on life through my experiences in order to not give this bull shit any power.  I think that will keep me mentally healthy.

However, two days ago, I saw something very disturbing.  Katt Williams, a very well known Black comedian was at a club in Philadelphia where Beanie Siegel was either performing or at, who knows?  There were a lot of rappers in attendance and everyone had their entourage out.  Well, Katt Williams winds up getting into an altercation with a guy and wound up on the bottom of a pile of angry men.  When everyone got up, a friend of the guy with whom Katt had the altercation with kicked him in the head twice.  I am just waiting for the memes to start, btw.  Uh, yea … Katt Williams got stomped in the head twice, in a club.

Look at him dancing to Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems, by the Late Biggie Smalls … Uhhhh, he is clearly on crack!

So, there are videos of him getting stomped in the head.  They have video clips of him in the club doing push ups.  They have a video clip of him after he got stomped in the head taking off all of his jewelry, hype, because at least he didn’t get robbed.  In each clip, he clearly looks like a crackhead.  I mean, if for nothing else, look at his wrap!!!  For goodness sake, one of the greatest indications that Katt Williams is cracked out is his doobie.  He has let his hair care just fall to the wayside.  The only pimps who don’t have a fresh and luxurious wrap smoke crack for goodness sake!

Guys, I am not a videographer, but I do have iMovie.  I threw together whatever clips I could find.  You’ll see them all here.  Aye!  Stay tuned because I am going to turn video into a commentary. 

Seeing Katt Williams hair alone almost threw me into a fit of concern, but when I saw him square up with crackhead body language and sucker punch a man across the stage, I was reminded that my life isn’t over yet and I do not have to become a comedian.  But then, because I smoke so much weed I started wondering if maybe I am depressed already and this is why I would even think to go into comedy.  Well, the latter thought just isn’t the answer.  I just have to explore every possibility and when I explored that one, it just didn’t fit.  If I ever become depressed, though, I will quit everything I have going on at that moment and I will pursue a career in comedy.

There is a link between comedians and depression.  There is a link between drug use and depression as well, which explains Katt Williams.  Everyone focuses on the fact he abuses crack-cocaine without talking about statistics.  If we follow them, yes, he is a crackhead but he is also a comedian!  Duh, this man is suffering from extreme depression, which by the way isn’t a popular diagnosis in the Black community.  Poor Katt.

We have Wayne Brady, king of ad-libbing, who came out about his depression after Robin Williams, a freaking legend of comedy, killed himself due to depression.  You have Dave Chappelle who disappeared to Africa I heard (although that could be a rumor) for a very long time after a very successful career who had issues.  Then you have Mr. Pet Detective himself, Jim Carey, who suffers.  What about the brilliant Larry David, creator I think of Seinfeld.  He had this show on HBO that I used to love, YO!!!

Aye.  I wouldn’t be Black if I didn’t mention Martin freaking Lawrence!!!  This guy, like Katt Williams, turned to drugs and I don’t know if I ever heard talk about him being depressed.  Martin liked “wet” though which is why they caught him running down the street butt naked with a gun I think.  Yo!  The Black community never let go of Martin.  To this day I can call someone and say, “Hey what are you doing?”  “Watching Martin.”  Kids who wasn’t even born yet watch “Martin.”  He was a great comedian.  I don’t even think he reached his full potential.

So, I think I will leave comedy alone.  Hopefully I will be able to write these posts in such a way I will be able to bring readers and especially my subscribers some humor in their day or lives.  I am an Aries, like a week ago, I made myself a photographer so I don’t really have time to be a comedian.  If you want to know more about me and this camera you may enjoy reading this. Besides, I am a blogger, now … so …

… plus I am single and wanting to get back into dating so I have to focus on doing the things I wrote about in this post.

Before you go, though, why do you think so many comedians suffer from depression?  I don’t get it.  There is definitely a correlation between the two.  I hope you enjoyed reading.  If you did, like the post and I’d love to hear what you think.  Leave a comment below.

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