When Was The Last Time You Had A Pair of New Balance Sneakers? Find Out What You’ve Been Missing.

No matter where you are in life and no matter who you are in life, if you haven’t invested in a pair of New Balance sneakers, then I don’t know what you are doing with yourself.


I’ll spell it out for you:  It doesn’t matter if you are a hipster or hood, New Balance has something for you.  It doesn’t matter if you are a soccer mom who really doesn’t like wearing sneakers, but you know you don’t want to be running across a field in pumps to praise your child who just kicked a winning goal.  It doesn’t matter if you are a senior citizen, nor does it if you are in high school, New Balance has something for everyone, from everywhere, with just about any issue.  New Balance is dedicated to finding the perfect fit.

The Perfect Fit

This is not common knowledge, but sneakers are built on something called a last.  What sets New Balance apart from it’s competitors is simply a matter of common sense and the desire to make sure everyone is or, at the very least, can be comfortable; they have more than one last that their shoes are built on.  For that reason, they are able to offer widths and different models for different circumstances.  New Balance understands that not every ones foot is the same, not everyone is gong to be doing the same thing with their feet, and/or some people have problems, common to the foot, that prevent them from finding a comfortable shoe and as a response to the diversity offers an array of lasts for the construction of their shoes.

If that isn’t enough, their inline stores are equipped with people who would be remiss to not educate you about New Balance’s offerings and how they will benefit you and impact your quality of life.

Have Some Respeck for Feet – Your Knees and Back Will Thank You

When New Balance first started, did you know it was an insole company and not a sneaker company?  New Balance actually started as a company that sold insoles and their target market were people who worked on their feet all day long.  Their hugest market, I believe, were first responders such as Firefighters, Police Officers, and Doctors.  Even though they eventually transitioned into a full fledged sneaker manufacturing operation, they never let go of their original agenda – to make sure people had comfortable shoes on their feet when they are on their feet all day long.  This is why, to this day, New Balance sneakers, to those who’ve had a pair, are known as the most comfortable sneaker ever.

Now, the foot and feet are easily overlooked.  I have a hunch most people don’t even know how bad their feet hurt, don’t even know their feet could feel better, nor do they know how damaging it is to not wear the proper technology on their feet.  I have a hunch most people haven’t been fitted since the 80s when they were getting their shoes from Buster Brown.  As a matter of fact, that isn’t even a hunch.  I know for a fact people haven’t been fitted in a very long time.  Why?  Because when I went to the New Balance store and got fitted, my foot had grown 1 size.  I’d been wearing a 7.5 for as long as I can remember and 3 weeks ago I got fitted and as clear as day I was and am a woman’s 8.5.  I am a firm believer that if something happened to me it has happened to plenty of others.  My father, bless his rested soul, once said “Little One, you ARE society” and I have ran with that profound idea ever since.

More than making sure you have pretty feet and suckable toes, to the women and metrosexual men, you want to make sure that when you use your feet, they have what they need for optimal performance.  You want to make sure, not only that your feet look good, but you want them to feel good.  The best way to make sure your feet feel good is to make sure you are wearing a pair of shoes that fits your foot for what it specifically needs and this is something that can be accomplished with a trip to a New Balance inline store.

Investigators Posing as New Balance Sales Associates

When you aren’t wearing a good pair of shoes, a number of things can be at play and all of them can contribute to an achy back and knees.  How you walk – your stride and your gait – is as important as how the shoe feels on your foot, at New Balance.  It isn’t simply a matter of a sales associate saying, “Hey, these right here are very comfortable.  Look at all of the cushioning.  It’s called Fresh Foam and it feels like you are walking on clouds.”  The fact of the matter is that may very well be true.  It may feel like you are walking on clouds.  I have actually tried New Balance’s Fresh Foam technology and I must admit, it feels like you are walking on clouds.  However, walking on clouds may not be beneficial for everyone.  A sales associate isn’t going to say, “Oh, you should definitely try these.  It’s the most stable shoe we offer.  It has a roll bar which is going to help your foot stay where it needs to be.”  The sales associate knows that a roll bar is very heavy and lacks flexibility so a marathon runner under no circumstances wants roll bar technology in their shoe.

At the New Balance store, associates want to hear about your life and what you are doing on a day to day basis.  They want to know what you have intended for the shoe you are looking to purchase.  The sales associate may want you to roll up your pants, above your ankle so they can see how you walk.  They may ask to see the bottom of your current shoe to see where the most stress is on your soles.  New Balance associates are like investigators in their attempt to recommend the perfect shoe based on and specific to your needs.

The fact of the matter is you have to walk right.  The only potential in walking any other way than right are aches and pains in places far from the feet.  If you are not balanced, if your arch collapses when you step down, if your ankles rotates in or out too much, or if your toes don’t have enough room, if your heel slides, or your foot is extra narrow and it is left unaddressed, your knees won’t have the support or stability they need and/or, or a combination of both, your spinal column will have to compensate.  Not that a New Balance shoe can cure you of achy knees, back pain, plantar fascitis, or problems with the achillies, but it can help to alleviate pressure by taking corrective measures against your gait by finding the right shoe.

Inline Stores and Offerings



Although New Balance has been around FOREVER, it looks to me like they have been reborn.  In recent years, they have opened flagship/inline stores in a few major cities.  Boston, which is where the company is headquartered, there are 2 locations in New York City and one in Philadelphia.

To what their growth is due, I can only speculate.  We have seen something crazy happening in sneaker culture.  It started with hipsters and their dedication to all that is retro and it began spilling into sneaker world.  Jordan, Griffey, Ewing, everyone began trying to get their hands on an old pair of kicks and sneaker companies started remaking retro sneakers, Jordan being the most successful franchise of this trend.  Another thing trending, which I believe started with the hipsters, and the hipsters were born out of this overall nostalgia that started happening when the economy dropped 10 years ago, is indie.  Indie labels, indie artists, indie designers, and so forth.  Again, as a response to this trend, the sneaker world began collaborating with all different kinds of people.

New Balance never strayed from their values or their “numbers.”  They released another version of the 990s which dates back to the 80s and they are a hit with a black v4 slated to come out in June.  They still have their 574s that were a huge hit in the 90s in every flavor you can imagine.  Now, New Balance has collections inspired by the air, sea, and pinball machines, as well as collaborations which tap into the demographic of the brand they collabed with.  That being said, their lifestyle line, which includes all of the sneakers that make sneakerheads happy is steadily on the rise.

The growing market attracted to their lifestyle brand isn’t what established them, though.  Their customer base are runners, walkers, and people who have a hard time finding the right fit.  For this customer base, sneakers are categorized by Stability and Run.  Both Categories are broken down further into sub-categories such as Motion Control in Stability and Neutral in Run.  Doctors and podiatrists recommend New Balance to their patients.  Some of New Balance’s sneakers have passed certain tests and are *like* Medicare or Slip-Resistant approved.  There is actually a shoe for every archetype.

Is A New Balance Shoe Right For You?

I wouldn’t have written over 1500 words if it wasn’t.  However, the proof is in the pudding, so definitely get yourself to an inline store to get reacquainted with your feet.  However, while you are here, right now, here are a few instagram pages to follow.  You can always interact with my favorite hashtag of theirs – #AlwaysInBeta.  I think the whole #AlwaysInBeta concept is a great guide for how we should always navigate through life.  Something that is in Beta is never finished.  It is always in a position to grow, as a matter of fact, it has to grow and improve because the goal is always a well-rounded and finished product.  When you are Always in Beta, you are constantly improving and constantly growing.  Your story is totally not done and the best of it hasn’t even manifested.  You are waiting for the next upgrade when you are in Beta and all of that simply speaks to my personal spirit.

New Balance on Instagram

New Balance New York at 20th and 5th

New Balance New York on the Upper East Side

New Balance Philadelphia

New Balance Boston

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