Look, She Has HIV! Can’t You Tell?

My mom has been super vocal about the stigma and shame that surrounds an AIDS/HIV diagnosis. This is a post I did for her a few years back. I am reblogging it in honor my upcoming participation in the AIDS/HIV Walk, Philly 2016.

I am looking for all of the support I can get. You can donate as little as you like … Literally everything counts … Or you can share my sponsor page to your networks which goes a long way as well. http://www.aidswalkphilly.org/profile/detail/232155

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HIV hasn’t a face, for it doesn’t discriminate. Instead, it has many faces and plenty of faces. There is no way to tell, even if you think your eye has been trained, whether or not a person is living with the virus. However, this morning, in Philadelphia, on the corner where Germantown Avenue and Chew Street intersect I was able to capture one of those faces. I knew she had it because not only is she the Reverend Andrena Ingram, she is my own mother. Everyone else knew she had it because her status was boldly screened on a bright red t-shirt in honor of the 3rd annual A Day With HIV.

In essence, today, I too experienced a moment in a day with HIV as I proudly walked by her side with her in this shirt to the public square where she wanted her picture taken. Her moment became…

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