Smart but Unfit, Part 1: Donald Trump


This is a two part post.  The first part will provide pertinent background information – and when I say “pertinent,” I mean important to ME – that will allow me to commentate on the recent debate.  All in all, I would like to talk about his dumb ass advisors, his behavior during the debate, Hillary’s poise, and I’d like to speculate as to why he is received in the hateful manner he is by his own republican party and the media.  I’d like to talk about the republicans too and how they are, from my perspective, with the hopes to give insight into America and how it operates.

Donald Trump

Everyone knows that this man is absolutely not a politician, right?  I will repeat and reiterate:  He is not a politician, he never studied political science, does he even have an education”?”  He is not a diplomat, he has no idea about global relations, he doesn’t even claim to be an American History buff.  So my question is, what the fuck do you people expect out of this guy?

Trump is a business man.  His father gave him a loan, that he considers small even though the figure was in the millions, and he grew it into the multi-million dollar situation that we all know as Trump Enterprises.  (I actually do not know anything either – Is Trump Enterprises the name of his corporation or have I made that name up?)  Either way, it is a symantic.  Knowing the name of his business when the point I am trying to make is he is nothing more than a business man is trivial.  He has great business acumen but a “poor” way of executing it and we will get into that later.  The bottom line is he knows how to grow investments or at least that seems to be what he was desperately trying to articulate during the debate.

The Media Hates Trump?

Excuse me, but it just amazes me that not one major news outlet has said anything nice or positive about Donald Trump.  So, not one channel is going to say something nice? 

Listen: When everyone is asking, “WWJD?  What would Jesus do,”  I am busily asking myself, “WWJJD or HWJJT?  What would Judge Judy do or How would Judge Judy think?”  If I didn’t learn anything from Judy, I learned when something doesn’t make sense or something is weird, it simply isn’t true.  Once I peg something as not being true, after asking a series of questions, I form my own conclusion.  With that said, the way major news outlets cover Donald Trump, doesn’t make sense to me.  I know that when you are reading the news you are supposed to be unbiased, but shouldn’t the content be unbiased as well?  Or since you have to be unbiased while reading the news are these major news outlets purposely generating only damning content when it comes to Trump and an array of content when it comes to Hillary?  It just doesn’t seem fair; it just doesn’t make sense.

Over the years, I’ve heard that news outlets do have a political market that they cater to.  People say Fox News and the Daily News, a newspaper, cater towards Democrats.  I’ve heard that ABC, Eyewitness, and the Times, a newspaper, cater towards Republicans.  If this is the case, it would totally make sense to me why no news outlet has nothing good to say about Trump, but diligently seems to go the extra mile in order to air all of his dirty laundry.  He is the Republican candidate so automatically he is pitted against Democrats and those who market to Democrats and as for the Republican Party – HIS OWN PARTY?  They don’t like him.


An Important Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

“They don’t like him.”  Every time I say that line, about how the Republican party feels about Donald Trump, I cringe a little bit because THAT TOTALLY DOESN’T MAKE SENSE AND IT IS TOTALLY WEIRD.  Trump is American.  He has a shitload of money and therefore, he is a Republican.  How then is it that the Republican Party does not like him as their candidate?  He is as Republican as they come.  And I am not saying that just because you have money, automatically, you are a Republican.  However, if you make a lot of money and you pay a lot of taxes, it makes more sense to be a Republican.  Even if Donald Trump was born into the Republican political affiliation, he didn’t own it until he started seeing how much money the wealthy are subjected to paying out in tax dollars.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but one of the most important differences between Republicans and Democrats is a matter of money.  The Republicans are concerned about their tax dollars and where their tax dollars are going and the Democrats are not.  I do not even know why this is an argument.  If you haven’t figured out how America works, I will let you in on how it goes: The more money you make, the more money America takes.  What America takes is called taxes.  So, if the people who make the most are paying the most, shouldn’t they of all people have the say of how tax dollars are spent?

Unless there is someone that belongs to the 1% (the most wealthiest people in America) who is a Democrat?  Is there a Democrat in the 1% of wealthy Americans?  I can’t even ask this question out loud without giving the person to whom I am asking the question a dumb look!  The answer is no, absolutely not and if there is one wealthy person or wealthy people that belong to the 1% and they are a Democrat, I promise you they have personality challenges that cannot be seen to the untrained eye.  Reminds me of the time Judge Judy asked a defendant, “I’m sorry, but is there something wrong with you that I can’t see?”  A wealthy Democrat makes no sense – that person is a contradictarian, a devil’s advocate, bored, or someone has taken all control away from them and all that was left for them to do was to switch political affiliations out of desperation.

I don’t know about you, but if I were in the 1% I would not want my tax dollars going to welfare.  Hmmmm, is this why back in the mid to late 90s Republicans were demanding welfare reform? Leave it up to the people who’s money doesn’t compare to want to squander tax dollars on a welfare system that would allow people who don’t want to accept responsibility for their life have all of their needs met with the least amount of resistance.  “Oh, you have a baby, no job, no education, and you have been displaced because of a bunch of fuckrey?  No worries!  Here are some food stamps for you and your baby, here is some cash assistance, and when you find a place to live, we will take care of your deposits to get into the unit.”  Must be nice.

Till this day, people are still upset that they have to work for their public assistance benefits.  Till this day, in New York City, bitches still can’t complete the damned Good Will Program productively.  If it wasn’t for Republicans caring about how their tax dollars are spent, welfare would still be the situation it was back in the late 80s/early 90s where you literally never had to ever get a job and could still rock the freshest kicks with your hair and nails done.

Why Don’t They Like Him?

I’ve already established that affiliates of the Republican Party have money.  If you know anything about politics, you know money has a part to play.  Republicans are really the best at the politics which I am about to describe, albeit they invented this way of politiking.

In politics, you have special interest groups.  These groups have massive followings and a lot of support.  These special interest groups target politicians and politicians target special interest groups.  Whether or not special interest groups are exclusively part of the non-profit industry, I can not say for sure.  However, I would put money on the idea that a great majority of special interest groups do.  Why would I bet on the idea that most of these special interest groups host non-profits?  Because, then, THE WHOLE SET UP MAKES SENSE.

Non-profits have a special interest or an agenda and in order to keep fighting the good fight, they need donations.  A donor can be anybody.  Celebrities are huge, but politicians are huger.  If, I for example, had a non-profit, and I had to choose between a donation from a celebrity or a politician – I’d choose the politician.  You really get a bang for your buck when the donor is a politician, for they have the ability to introduce legislature that may be of benefit to a non-profits special interest or agenda.

A lot of politicians have “special interests” ranging from that of non-profit groups or just something in particular they want out of the government for their own personal edification.  When new politicians emerge and look like they may be going somewhere, seasoned politicians try to get them on board with their existing vision or their “special interests” by offering to donate to their campaign.

Okay, well, there it is right there!  What the fuck does Trump care about someone’s special damned interest.  Oh, gosh, you guys are annoying!!!

Republicans do not like Trump because he doesn’t play the game the way they do.  He is as unethical as they come.  Any endorsement Trump may get comes from someone who is totally fine with whatever Trump wants to do.  If a politician donates to Trumps campaign, they totally disconnect from the donation, there is no special interest propelling them to become a donor, unless it just so happens that their “special interests” are the same as his.

These Republicans know he is unfit and not typical.  They see how he does business and know that if they endorse him or become donors they are getting absolutely nothing for their money or support.  They are not going to be able to take him to lunch and talk about some shit they want to do with the oil, the troops, or a new medicine that won’t get approved, and then offer money … He’s going to do and say whatever he wants.  He can’t be swayed.  Republicans cannot deal with a politician like that.  It simply isn’t how they play the game.  The Democrats play like this too.  Folks, all I am describing is politics and how the game is traditionally played. It doesn’t matter what the political affiliation is, all parties operate like what I’ve described.  However, most of the wealthiest people in America are Republican, which means they have the most money.

Trump Continues

Unlike Trump, I am absolutely not unfit.  You could have just read 1840 words of cocka-poo.  I don’t have a damned degree.  I haven’t studied political science.  I haven’t done much of anything to know the things I know.  All I have done is kept my ear to the streets, I watched Judge Judy, and thinking has been a hobby of mine for over 30 years.  Fuck out of here, I am a master thinker and I know how to put things together.

However, you are going to want to stay tuned for part 2 of this series as I am going to expose America, cover the debate and talk about Trump’s clone (yes, the man apparently has a clone).  I suggest you follow this blog, that way you won’t miss it.  There’s a button around here somewhere for you to press. 

In the meantime, if I have somehow managed to confuse the fuck out of you or you want to find out what the heck is going on around here, check out my About Page.



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