B’s Po’ Bowl Recipe

One of the hardest parts of adulting, besides paying bills is feeding myself.  Between the amount it costs to go grocery shopping, finding the time to go grocery shopping, and actually cooking the meals, it’s a definite challenge.

For that reason, I’ve decided to introduce some of my recipes.  For one, people love when I cook, but also because I am not going any extra miles.  For the most part, my meals are as simple as they are delicious and as fulfilling as they are nutritious.

I’ve always loved rice.  I love white rice, brown rice, yellow rice, wild rice, saffron rice, dirty rice, jasmine rice, rice pilaf … I mean my love of rice does not discriminate.  For this recipe, I use white rice, but any rice can be substituted.

Also, I love bowls.  Koreans make something called a bimbibop (and I may have spelled that wrong) but it is a simple rice bowl with marinated and often times spicy beef.  They use the same rice that you use to make sushi to ensure it will stick to the chop sticks.  For my dish, I think you can substitute any meat, but I’ve never used any other meat than ground beef, ground turkey, and once I used a meatloaf mix which included lamb and pork, I think.

Whenever I get a chance, maybe I will find the calorie count for this dish and how many servings it actually makes.  For now, this is a really loose recipe because it is a really loose dish.


Things you need:

Olive oil



An onion

*A green pepper

*A red pepper


1 cup of Rice

Bag of frozen vegetables

Pack of ground beef




Sason con Achote

Garlic Powder

Your rice pot

Your vegetable pot

Your skillet

Step – by – step instructions:

1. Turn the water on for your rice.

2. To the water add salt, butter, and olive oil.

3. Cut your onions.  I like to slice mine, but if you prefer them minced or diced then it’s your preference.

4. Cut your peppers.  I like to cut mine into half strips, but if you prefer them diced then it is your preference.

5. Over a medium flame, turn on your skillet and add enough olive oil to generously coat the bottom of your pan.

6. Add your onions to the skillet in a pile and give the pile a few dashes of salt.

7. Use the pile of onions as a bed for your garlic as garlic tends to burn quickly when added directly to the skillet offering an unwanted bitterness to your dish.

8. Add your peppers and mix all contents of the pot once the onions begin to sweat which will be easy to notice.  They will become glossy and will be on their way to becoming transparent.

9. Let them simmer and saute to your heart’s desire and move all contents to the side of the pan.  Add a little more olive oil.

10. Crumble your ground beef into the pan by breaking it into pieces.

11. Generously season the meat with Adobo, garlic powder, Sason con Achote, and black pepper.  Mix everything in the pot with a fork.  As you mix, use the fork to speed up crumbling process which becomes easier as the meat cooks.

12. Turn down the heat to a low medium flame, put a lid on it, and let it cook.  Stir 3 to 4 times.

13. Add rice to water in pot which should be boiling lightly. Give it one stir and leave it alone.

14. When water in the rice pot has evaporated enough that the rice on time is about to dry out, turn the heat down to a low flame and put a tight lid on the pot.  Allow to cook another 6 or 7 minutes before even thinking about checking it.

15. Steam your mixed vegetable al dente meaning you do not want them soft and mushy.  You want them to be at their peak color.

When all is done you simply mix everything together.

This blog is like a catch all for everything that I do in life … In other words, there is no real focus.  From politics to my own personal thoughts and experiences, to sneakers to dating over 30s who knows what you’ll find.  To understand what EBSHAB is all about, feel free to check out My About Page.





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