The Milk House for Gluten-Free Philly

Subway tile at Milk House on 19th and Chestnut

If you are a Celiac or you suffer from a sensitivity to gluten, then you should probably stop by The Milk House.  With 3 convenient locations in Center City and some really delicious gluten-free offerings, I am sure you will be far from disappointed.

Forget being far from disappointed – that’s an understatement.  Not only have they managed to man their counters with some of the most dedicated and personable people I’ve ever came across, they are in the business of comfort foods with a specialty in Grilled Cheese.  With exceptional customer service, great locations, and a finger-licking good menu, who isn’t going to be super satisfied?

Cool saying at Milk House, Suburban Station

Comfort foods are always delicious.  Not only do they taste great, they make you feel good on the inside.  For the small portion of the population that suffer from Celiac’s disease or a sensitivity to gluten, gluten-free comfort foods is double the pleasure.  They are able to enjoy the additional benefits of comfort foods and are able to do so with a peace of mind, knowing they aren’t going to get glutened.  Aside from that, the staff is as knowledgeable as they are compassionate.  No need to worry about the anxiety of having to explain the importance of your allergy to gluten or dealing with someone who doesn’t know how problematic it is to eat out or how vulnerable eating out makes you.  The Milk House Crew is there to address it all.

When it comes to the grilled cheese, there are 6 delicious options, all of which can be made gluten-free by changing the bread.  While the sandwiches aren’t made in a gluten-free environment, as their menu states, you can trust that the staff is trained to do everything in their power to minimalize the risk of cross-contamination.

Their hand-cut fries come in 3 popular varieties and they have tater tots.  The fries and the tater tots are offered “loaded”.  Each fryer is designated to gluten-free items as there is absolutely nothing being fried with flour at all.  They have 3 mac-n-cheese options which can be made with gluten-free pasta.  They have soup and the chicken noodle can be made with gluten-free noodles.

The price point is remarkable considering a lot of the lunch spots surrounding them.  Their most popular gluten-free lunch comes in at under $11 for the Classic Grilled Cheese, a tomato soup, and a bottle of water/fountain drink and that includes all it costs to have the bread changed to gluten-free.  Literally for $1.00 you get to watch everyone’s attitude change, diligently making sure that your order is made to order and served the safest way possible.

img_2063If you want to know more about The Milk House, check out their, “Who We Are” video.  You’ll get to meet the owners and get a glimpse into one of their most booming locations.  You can see their menu, here, on their website.  You can also check out their catering operation as well as their locations.  As always, if you want to connect with The Milk House or stay on top of promotions being offered, new menu items, and be part of the whole Milk House culture, then surely take a moment to like Milk House on FaceBook.

Geoff, the manager at Suburban Station, their busiest location always says in his very interesting accent, “Yes, Like us on FaceBook, but love us for real.”  He is tall and he wears a beret.  At first I didn’t get the joke, but then he explained, he means for us to come in and come back.


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