Septa: Cripples the Crippled and Throws A Bar-b-que! Dear Jim Kenny.

Dear Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenny,

I saw somewhere on Twitter, yesterday evening, that both you and the governor have decided to leave all negotiations between Septa and the city to the union reps and city officials.  I read the reason for this decision was based off the fact that when mayors have entered into negotiations with Septa in the past it didn’t go well.

Immediately I was as disgusted as I was confused.  Not really bothered in the least bit that the governor is removed because he has the whole state of Pennsylvania to manage.  As far as simple chain of command is concerned, the governor should stay removed until he finds that the mayor needs help.  However, my confusion lies in the point that, the mayor does not have the same liberties as a governor.  A mayor must be concerned about his/her city’s economy; how much the city is making, how much the city is losing, and can the people in the city pay taxes.  For a mayor to allow Septa to do what they are doing, shows a gross lack of power on behalf of the mayor.  Not that he is allowing them (because I’ve always known Septa to be a band of thugs and extortionists and have seen them punking the city and its residents countless times so they are going to do whatever they damned well please), but he is vocal about not being part of the solution, as if that is the right answer.  I swear, I feel like I am living in an alternate universe; The Twilight Zone.

I haven’t graduated college with a bachelor’s degree, but Jim Kenny, you have.  You went to LaSalle University.  Up until I found out not only were you not part of the negotiations with Septa but you actually gave a reason (like there could really be a reason), I thought LaSalle University was a great institution.  After hearing your reason, though, I wanted to make a suggestion – I really think you should go to LaSalle University and get your money back.  All of the tuition you paid to study at LaSalle University:

  1. You gave a reason or made an excuse when there is no reason or excuse valid enough for you to not be part of negotiations with an organization that is crippling both the city and it’s residents at the same time.
  2. You don’t seem to have learned how to think critically and your logic is grossly skewed based on the reason/excuse you gave.
  3. Someone without a formal education can clearly see that you don’t make sense AND this same un-formally-educated person can make sense out of why the reason/excuse you gave was dumb and spoken out of the side of your neck – meaning it’s BASELESS!!!

I’ve been saying for years that American education is not about learning, Kenny.  But no one wants to hear ME because I don’t have any credentials.  It has nothing to do with earned academic credits, of which I have 19.  A lot of people have earned enough academic credits to get a bachelors and aren’t working in their field of study, instead they are working in retail.  With your reasoning, the fact that American education, even at the university level is not about learning is highlighted.


Shortly after I arrived in Philadelphia, Septa went on strike.  They were on strike for 6 days.  The mayor, Michael Nutter, did take part in negotiations.  I didn’t know when I got here, but I soon found out, Michael Nutter was part of the bad mayor trend Philadelphia had been suffering from.  So Nutter was a poor mayor, who took part in negotiations –  couldn’t it be argued that negotiations with SEPTA didn’t go well because he was a poor mayor or were you indirectly telling us that you are no better than Mayor Nutter?

#SEPTAstrike Bar-b-que mocking residents of the community.

Right now, in one of the poorest communities in your city, the people guarding Frankford Terminal at Bridge and Pratt Streets are bar-b-queing.  They not only have a grill, but they have a picnic table full of food and fixings and even a metal garbage can where they are burning boards of wood.  In a neighborhood where the inhabitants are one missed re-certification for food stamps away from hunger and starvation, where Septa is needed the most because most who live in the area do so paycheck-to-paycheck, where struggling to get by is an event that has to happen multiple times a day, you decide, because in the past when mayor’s (one of which I am familiar with) have been part of negotiations in the past it didn’t go well and none of the mayor were anything to write home about, to not take part in negotiations?

You don’t know what we go through with Septa and I cannot expect for you to use your logic or reasoning to pull these ideas together for yourself, so let me try and paint a picture – and it is great that I only have 19 college credits, because you have at least 60 and your brain still doesn’t think, so you should be able to understand when I use basic life experience to give you the insight you need in your life – that just because you think you are smart, you are actually dumb, so dumb in fact that you think because you hold office that you are smarter than the people on the inner city you manage, so smart in fact that you could ridiculously give a ridiculous reason leaving it up to others to exert power in your city and think it was going to go over everyone’s head.  Your only luck is the majority of the people who are in the know are, ironically, so far out the loop and without proper credentials, they never have a voice.

Septa provides horrible service.  They provoke, menace, and curse the residents of your city on a day-to-day basis.  They use their discretions at the token booth to mock people, they don’t like to help, and they curse.  I had a bus driver say to me, “You ain’t gonna tell me when I can and can’t leave!”  I snapped my finger, immediately and said, “Excuse me, gangsta, but you are in uniform!!!  This ain’t the damned block!  Furthermore you dumb ass, I am not telling you anything, I am looking at a schedule!  What the hell is going on at home?  You just bugged out on me for a minute!”  I snapped my fingers again, “Hello! You are at work! I am a customer and we have the bus’ schedule, Crazy!”  I called and filed a complaint, on site, about that.  Transportation in this city in relation to the average incomes of these neighborhoods is really expensive.

Septa-less and traffic riddled Center City on #SEPTAstrike Day 1.

Septa goes on strike and wants what they want but no one ever talks about the horrible job they are doing and the *insert a word that is so much worse than horrible it hits you in the gut* customer service they provide.  The fact that they are bar-b-queing in front of Frankford Terminal should let you know the type of machine you are dealing with.  Where people need Septa the most, they are making a mockery of the community.  We depend on them, they abandon us, and then allow people guarding Frankford Terminal to throw a bar-b-que?  Are they volunteers or are these people on the clock?  If tax payer dollars pay for Septa I am about to change political affiliations right now.

I would hope you would reconsider joining them at the table for negotiations after digging a little bit deeper into the job they are doing in your city.  I could be reaching when I say this, but I imagine if I was a mayor, I’d be embarrassed that a transportation company was purposely mistreating the inhabitants of my city and getting the best of the opportunity they have.  I would be embarrassed that if it weren’t for a law being in place, the inhabitants of my city wouldn’t be able to exercise an American liberty at a very crucial and historical election.  As a mayor, it is your duty to make sure the people of your city are in a position to thrive.  I understand that Philadelphia has a lot of discriminatory systems in place, but a bar-b-que at Frankford Terminal during a time like this is in a community where a missed days work could result in a domino effect that leads to even more poverty, as if this city doesn’t already have enough.

Thank you for reading.  If you want to know more about #SEPTAstrike, click the hashtag and follow me on Twitter.  Also, be sure to check out, “Septa Union Reps Doing The Devil’s Work.”


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